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A squirrel infestation is definitely a huge problem. Instead of seeing your roses blossom, you’re going to watch all the time and money you spent on growing those roses get. Aug 24, Squirrels Eat Roses.

Squirrels could be to also be to blame. Bonnieplants gives the signs of squirrel activity: Shallow digging spots in planting beds.

If you are having a problem with Squirrels at your North Andover MA home or office, call the licensed Squirrel removal experts at Waltham Pest Control for an immediate solution to your Squirrel problems. We have over 40 years of experience providing pest and wild animal control services in the North Andover MA area. Call Waltham Pest Control today to learn more about our North Andover MA.

Sep 18, While Andover seems to have a growing colony of white squirrels, there are other places in North America that call themselves “Home of the White Squirrels” and boast truly large populations.

Most notable are Olney, Ill., Marionville, Mo., Brevard, N.C., Kenton, Tenn., and Exeter, Ontario, Canada. Squirrels can wreak havoc on a garden, even if they aren't interested in the plants.

They are getting in the big pots to bury their nuts.

These pests are often drawn to the loose soil in a well-tilled garden for digging and burying their food. May 11, Posted - May 13 PM.

This is an ongoing battle for me-keeping the squirrels & chipmunks from digging up my new flowers and plants-most recently my strawberries. A few things that seem to work: Tie some mothballs in stockings and hang or place them around the area.

Spraying with a mix of cayenne pepper and water. Jun 05, Milpitas, CA. SoulReaver Mar 10, AM CST. Hello, please help.

Cover the flower bed with sharp gravel.

My rose bushes are getting attacked by squirrels. I have tried a solution of water and cayenne pepper. However, I was only able to spray the bottom half of one rose bush, before my spray bottle got clogged, and I lost the tiny parts trying to clean it out.

RIP spray bottle.