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Below, left: In year three the dwarf lilac blooms well.

Many of the newer lilac varieties grow quickly and might need pruning starting in their second or third year.

Shape the miniature lilac by removing any undesired outer branches. Prune these branches back to lateral buds on the outside of the shrubdelimbing.buzzg: Stoneham MA. Apr 02, How to Prune Lilac Bushes. When pruning lilacs, cutting back the tops of overgrown stems is oftentimes not enough. It is generally better to cut the entire stem.

Trimming lilacs is best accomplished using clippers. Remove spent blooms all the way to the stems to prevent seeding and encourage more blooms later on.

Take a look at how-to A dwarf lilac Syringa meyeri is at the right side of this foundation bed below.

Cut back about a third of the shrubdelimbing.buzzg: Stoneham MA. Dec 10, Cut branches back selectively to shape the dwarf lilac bush as desired, removing no more than one-third of any stem and making a clean cut just above a bud facing in the desired shrubdelimbing.buzzg: Stoneham MA.

At ' they are small compared to the common lilacs ('; perfect to sniff from a second floor window), but not tiny enough to be cast alongside Snow White. S. meyeri grows to about 8', S. chinensis to nearly 15'.

So if you want a dwarf lilac to remain less than 8' or a common lilac to be less than 20', plan to prune it shrubdelimbing.buzzg: Stoneham MA.

Jul 08, Most flowering shrubs need regular pruning to keep them vibrant, and the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is no exception. Lilac bushes will typically flower without any effort from you. However, if left to grow and spread on their own, common lilacs will eventually only flower on the tops of the uppermost shrubdelimbing.buzzg: Stoneham MA.