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To maximize your quince floral display, prune your quince bush in late spring, just after the shrub has finished blooming. Use long-handled anvil loppers, as they allow you to reach into the interior structure of the plant but also to hold onto the end of the stem you just cut. Apr 01, Flowering Quince Pruning. You’ll need to trim flowering quince back between autumn and before leaf break-in in springtime. This is the case with most other bushes that flower in spring.

Most light pruning is generally undertaken just after flowering. Heavy structural pruning is done in winter while the plant is dormant. Failure to trim flowering quince can result Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Quince bloom on last year’s growth (old wood). Prune right after bloom to control the growth and still enjoy the colorful floral display. Remove a few older stems to ground level and if needed, the overall height of the remaining stems by as much as 1 / 3.

Or cut the whole plant back to 6” above the ground. Shape and train the new growth over the next few years. Nov 19, In order to ensure good fruit production, thinning out the oldest branches is usually all that’s required.

Mengelm K, Geurtzen, G.

Some garden experts recommend pruning flowering quince trees the fourth winter after the plant has been placed in the garden. After the first pruning, make it Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Oct 26, Pruning Quince When provided ample space to grow, quince will not require pruning. That said, they respond well to it for shaping purposes, to reduce the size of a plant that has outgrown the space it was intended to fill, to rejuvenate an old and tired plant, to remove a stray branch that is spoiling the shape of the plant, or to remove a damaged or dead plant.

Jul 26, Pruning quince trees is a garden task you should tackle in late fall or winter when the quince is dormant. Don’t procrastinate until spring or you may eliminate your crop for the year. That is because quince tree fruits on new growth, not old growth. Sep 21, Both quinces flower in late winter to early spring on old wood. Flowering on old wood means the plant develops the buds that turn into flowers in mid to late summer.

Sprayed water can cause leaf spots, and leaves may drop if the foliage stays wet.

These plants need to be pruned after they have flowered. Flowering quinces are charming shrubs that are often found planted near old homesteads.