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Cherries have always been my favorite fruit sorry lemons, cherries take the cake.

Yoshino cherry trees losing leaves. I have three Yoshino cherrys that have been in the ground about 7 years and are about 8 feet high.

I have three Yoshino cherrys that have been in the ground about 7 years and are about 8 feet high.

Many leaves are yellowing and falling off. Whats there looks healthy but many branches are going bare. We have been having a rather dry spring and I'm wondering if these mature trees need watering.

Affected leaves often turn yellow and drop prematurely. Cherry leaf spot occurs on both sour and sweet cherries in Iowa.

Mild wet weather in spring creates a favorable environment for cherry leaf spot. The cherry leaf spot fungus survives the winter on dead leaves on the ground. Spores that are released from these leaves during rainy periods in spring may infect newly emerging leaves. Aug 28, Infected leaves will turn yellow and drop from the trees in mid-summer, if the infection is severe. This disease can be common when we have wet spring weather. The pathogen may continue to infect leaves throughout the growing season if rainy weather persists.

In most cases, trees recover from this disease and no treatment is necessary. Rake and dispose of fallen leaves in the fall to. Soil Too Wet/Dry; Or Too Cold. - When leaves on an ornamental cherry tree turn yellow and begin to drop in spring or early summer, it is often because the soil is either too dry or too wet.

Sometimes it is due to late cold weather. This problem can be distinguished from a disease because there is no spotting of the leaves prior to their drop. Sep 21, The Yoshino cherry tree (Prunus x yedoensis) is a fast-growing, deciduous tree that belongs to the Rosaceae family. Celebrated during cherry blossom festivals in Macon, Georgia, and Washington, D.C., this cherry tree is known for its delicate white to pink blossoms that bloom before the leaves develop.

The Yoshino cherry tree is native to Japan, China and Korea. Cherry leaf spot is caused by Coccomyces hiemalis. Spots on the leaves, 1 to 3 mm in size, become yellow progressing to brown, and heavily affected leaves turn yellow and fall.

Do you think it's a pest, disease, or something else?

Trees can be completely bare by midsummer if the infection is severe. The fungus survives in fallen leaves, so leaf removal can help prevent infection.